When I found Marius, I was desperate. I'd hired another medical malpractice attorney who a) did not return at least ten phone calls from me, b) cursed at me, c) kicked me, and d) was an arrogant SOB. I fired him as soon as Marius agreed to take over my case. And I'm so happy with him. He listens to me, asks great questions, is in regular and frequent contact, and is doing a great job. If he wins for me, I'll be even happier (but how can I give him more than 5 stars?).

- A Satisfied Client

Mr. Wesser represented my husband who has recently passed away in a personal injury case. He handled all aspects of the case in a timely and professional manner. All questions about the case was answered efficiently and I, as Power of Attorney for my husband, was able to make well informed decisions. Mr. Wesser treated my husband and I as if he personally cared about our lives and we were never treated as "just another client." He went as far as contacting me after my husband's passing to inquire about my well being as well as that of my children. He did his best to ensure the best possible outcome of the case and I am pleased with his services.

- Tracey

In the 11th hour, as I was making my last ditch effort to find justice before it was lost forever, Marius listen to what I had to say. I was only seeking advice from the AVVO collective, but Marius went further, and saved me. I am not naive: I understand that where opportunity exists, the void is quickly filled by the seekers of opportunities. But I am a disabled man living in Virginia who - because of the errors in the constructs of the laws here - was never going to have my case taken by anyone in my state without first paying a retainer that I could not afford. Regardless of the future outcome, I will be forever grateful for his quick action that at least gave me a chance. Thanks, Marius.

- Christopher

He did more in a few months than the big shot prior law firm whom i fired did in a few years. He listens, explains, comforts, like no other. I definitely put my faith and trust in him.

- Sherry

Thanks for restoring a bit of my faith in the essential good will of most of us.

- Howard

*Past results are not a predictor of future performance.

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